The ten best photos you have ever taken. Most people would talk about how they have no idea what photos to put and about how sentimental they are about all the memories. I honestly had trouble finding ten photos that I really enjoy. I decided that since this will be my last assignment post I will be throwing in some motivational  quips and cliche statements for my own amusement you may quote me at anytime in your life because I know you will be tempted to do so because these will be life changing statements that art teachers everywhere will someday put on their walls.

The only reason I would even consider putting this picture in my portfolio is because of the lighting on the back of the seagulls wings it has always intrigued me about the shape of a birds wings. After serious thought and meditation on this problem I have decided that rather then staring at this picture and wondering how wings work I googled and skipped thousands of years of philosophical debate and found out that wings wont work for us. Case closed.

Even though this photo was on my last post I felt you would enjoy looking at it again. YOU’RE WELCOME. This photo is absolutely one of my two favorite photos I’ve ever seen (yes I’m a little bit cocky) but I just love how there re mall veins in the flowers petals which makes me feel like it is more alive than flowers usually are. I don’t know what the little specks on the top of the flower are but they are absolutely not water I checked several times in utter disbelief. That mysterious substance however is one of my favorite parts of this photo I’m not sure why because it makes the flower look more impure but if it wasn’t there I would be one sad boy.

This man’s name is John Goodfrey he is a street performer, his bird is named smokey and is John’s best friend and partner. This man had only what he needed to get by without starving but he said “whining is for the dogs, and I don’t see four legs on me.” This man was genuinely happy with his life even though by society’s standards he would be considered a loser. Meeting him was one of the strangest experiences of my life so far. (There isn’t a whole lot to compare this to considering I’m still in high school but it was really weird) He would not accept money from anyone saying that begging was also for dogs. I think he was crazy but i prefer to think of him as more of a free soul that doesn’t need to live in society’s mainstream population. I think I might have overthought this one man’s role in life but I prefer to think of him that way. 

My favorite type of photography is anything to do with birds or the sun and its effect on the landscape and life. Because of this I tend to try to take a lot of sunset photos not to be cliche but I really do enjoy them. This photo to me is completely unparalleled in my collection of sunset photos. I took it while my dad, brother and I were hunting roosters in the paloose. I know it’s not incredibly difficult to do sunset photography  but I don’t think that means you shouldn’t do it if it’s fun.

I took this photo a few years ago at a plantation in South Carolina. It has always been one of my favorite photos because of the bright pink bush and how contrasting it is against the greens and browns of the trees. The plantation we were visiting had the most fantastic garden I have ever seen. It was so brilliant and vibrant that to geet this much color in this photo all I did was adjust the levels and hit save. There was a path going through the “Better” parts of the gardens but this pond was in a far back corner tucked away and was not considered one of those “better” spots. That fact was absolutely mind numbing for me because I thought it was the most beautiful scene I had ever come across.

This little green boat has been on this dock since 2009 according to the tax stickers and it sure shows its age well. When i took this photo we were bass fishing in a little boat that we had found and fixed up that was very similar to this one except it was white(and we pay our taxes) but being in that small of a boat helped me to see it from a different angle and get the right shot which could only be taken from a low angle like this or it would just look like a crappy boat on a crappy dock with a little bit of tax evasion thrown in the midst.

As I said I love to take photos of the sun and its effect on life and this picture is the perfect example of that because you can literally see the suns rays reaching out and touching the plant that without the sun would die and fade away. The plant is lit up with the light from the sun and I kind of think that the plant is being sort of purified by the suns touch.

Every year in the springtime we get about 20 different hummingbirds on the back porch at the same time for about 3 or 4 weeks and every year they allude my camera but finally this year i got a fast enough shutter speed to catch one of their wings still and be able to see details in its feathers. This is absolutely the most difficult photo I have ever taken. If you want to know what I went through to get this shot just watch the planet Earth where the guy is filming the mating dance of the birds of paradise and then you will understand what I went through to see this little guys wings.

Of the ten photos I am putting in my portfolio this one is probably my least favorite but it is still awesome. (that just shows you how awesome the others are) I took this photo one of the first days of school this year with Austin Chadderdon. I gave him a cowboy hat and a satchel and said “be Indiana Jones” ten minutes later he was still insistent that Indiana Jones would be coyly looking over his shoulder and I said absolutely not Indie is a shoulders forward man over the shoulder is for girls. He is a stubborn guy so I just took the picture and Indie might not be a girlie over the shoulder guy but Austin sure is.

I like this photo purely as a metaphor. It is a spinner from the game of Life. It is showing motion which in my strange backwards thought processes I managed to think of at a sign to slow down in life and don’t let things blur past you because in the end it doesn’t matter which retirement home you’re in as long as you are satisfied with your life. To me that is very, very scary because it already seems like life is going way too fast and the more I  try to slow it down and smell the roses I’m stuck writing some blog  as fast as I can so that I can go and study for some math test so that I can go get some job and some house and some car and some smiles but knowing I was supposed to do something more fun. If everyone just saves up for the future then the future is gonna come and their not gonna know how to spend  all their hard earnings. I definitely not going to have that problem so no worries there.

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