a little bit of frost

There was fog last night and it froze and now its frost so I decided to take pictures of it. I didn’t think that it was very likely that I was going to get any good pictures out of it until i saw that there was light reflecting off of some of the frost which was contrasting with the background fairly well. I then tried to find this as many times as I could and still make it look nice.


chicken week

My neighbors have of chickens that they just let roam around and I think they are a really cool animal to watch so this week has chickens… and JaxonI like how intensely the chicken is string at the camera its almost as if he’s trying to start a fight.wI thought I would be able to easily photograph these chickens but it turns out chickens aren’t too intent on doing anything interesting so I probably took 100 photos of the exact same thing. So I took some photos in the studio. I don’t like taking photos in the studio at all I think it just takes away all artistic thinking of the photo but I need to learn how to use it well so why not.I don’t plan on doing a lot of studio shooting but when ideas aren’t really flying around there is always my fallback photos.

Summer times

this was one of my favorite photos of the summer I wish the lady’s hand wasn’t there but this was more a sneakshot than anything so I didn’t really have any say in the matter. 

In this one I was trying to get a sense of movement because he was on a swing but he couldn’t keep his feet still so they are a bit blurry which I don’t like.  I feel there is something else I could do to make this shot look better but for the life of me I can’t figure out what to do

same bird but there is no more innocent youth just creep with a bird I don’t have a lot of complaints about this photo except for the people in the background which I don’t mind  

i said we should blend in so he then decides to sit next to some people drinking and talking and just sat resolutely still until they noticed hilarious