I decided instead of doing one big final post I would just do two big final posts because I am an inefficient worker like that but I didn’t realize how inefficient this is until I had already posted my other blog I’m on to number two. ūüėÄ I’m ecstatic. For my final I chose to do environment because we are always surrounded by nature. (and because I live in the woods so it would be convenient for me)¬†

I think this photo relates to environment in the obvious way (its in nature and we are  surrounded by trees) and also in a way that it is connecting the sky to the Earth by breaking through the horizon. As you may or may not know I really love sunset photography because you put anything in front of a sunset and it is suddenly a very good picture. So I usually try to include a sunset photo in my blogs. This picture is also showing a high depth oof field, you can see it stays in focus from the tree almost the way to the forest in the background.

Where the first picture represented the combination of two environments this one represents the separation of two. I feel like it would kind of be lying if I didn’t mention that I cleaned the sign off quite a lot and twisted the feather to a better angle so that I could see the broad side of it better and make it a more interesting photo. I don’t ever really know when to put a photo in black and white so I usually just kind of guess when I should do it and I’m never really sure if it looks better in black and white or in color but this picture had some very distracting colors in it so I just decided to put it in black and white and te more I look at it the more I like it like this.

I don’t know how to show a long shutter speed without showing movement in a picture so that’s what I did. I tied to keep her head better in focus than it is right now but it still turned out pretty well and I am fairly satisfied with this picture. This picture shows environment because Bella is still getting used to her new environment and every once in a while gets very visibly uncomfortable.¬†

This baseball she is chewing I have had for about eight years now and she utterly destroyed it in about 5 minutes (along with everything I give her to chew the next thing will have to be a piece of pig leather stretched around a ball of lead) But that is encouraging because that means she is getting used to her ENVIRONMENT now and is starting to feel more comfortable.

The moss growing on this rock lives in a hard ENVIRONMENT but it finds a way to struggle on and apparently thrive greatly on nothing but water and a rock to cling to. I found this rock interesting because of the way the grass looks like it was blown back by the rock as if it is some of a meteor (i know its not) which I felt made an interesting picture.

The exterior of this plant is protecting its tender buds in an enclosed ENVIRONMENT inside the safety of itself. The color of this fern I think is very pretty how it slightly switches shades from light green to almost a blue green. I also like the little fuzzies on the stalk and leaves of it they remind me of Oscar the Grouch.















The trail this worm had left was very inconsistent and strange but it had gone for about 25 feet before I had found it which Is fairly impressive considering how they move. Even though he was able to move quite a long distance it was obvious that worm was way out of it’s ENVIRONMENT and wasn’t going to live much longer unless I did something. Thankfully I had the brilliant to heroically not care even a little bit and go make a sandwich then take a nap. (successful¬†day for me)




























































This picture represents the warm and inhabitable ENVIRONMENT of the Earth and the cold barren dusty surface of the moon. And all of this is cleverly rolled into one photograph of pure concentrated awesomeness.























This pond is the only ENVIRONMENT these baby ducklings had ever known but as soon as they are old enough to fly they will travel thousands of miles every year to the same spots over and over again.

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